The relationship between amount of sleep

For example, a similar study could be conducted at other schools in different regions or with different enrollment sizes. Studies like this suggest that cancer risk may increase according to the length of time spent having a career in shift work.

They had even greater sleep deficits the night prior to an examination, with an average sleep duration of 5 hours. What we do know is that sleeping fewer than about eight hours per night on a regular basis seems to increase the risk of developing a number of medical conditions.

The largest percentage of respondents were 22 or younger We experience the bulk of our REM sleep in the latter half of the night. Overall, I believe that I have enough data to analyses and to create a inclusion since I have the data I have collected and the information from the other studies. These analyses were performed in 3 stages: Find out more about the impact of sleep deficiencies in Consequences of Insufficient Sleep.

Firstly, I will be doing some of the investigation myself by taking a sample from my year group and having them complete a test. I will treat this as all the other values although if they seem like outliers on a graph, it would be because they are inaccurate.

The details of this assessment are reported in the Anthropometry Procedures Manual These individuals were also more likely to report a sleep apnea diagnosis or work shift work.

Although it may appear so from the outside, sleep is not a completely inactive state. A large study of nearly 5, individuals found a correlation between the severity of sleep apnea and cancer onset. Researchers then placed one group in a low-oxygen environment to recreate the condition of having sleep apnea sleep apnea reduces the oxygen levels in your blood.

A multi-step pathway connecting short sleep duration to daytime somnolence, reduced attention, and poor academic performance: Patterns of performance degradation and restoration during sleep restriction and subsequent recovery: It can develop from insomnia, where a person regularly has difficulty falling asleep and getting the amount of sleep the need.

J Clin Sleep Med.

Changes in Sleep with Age

In addition to that, I will also be getting results from other studies, Investigations and reports on the same experiment as the results would be more reliable and varied. A linear relationship between sleep duration and BMI was also observed for 16–17 year olds in the adjusted analysis only.

These findings are displayed graphically in Figure 2, where filled markers indicate a relationship with P.

Learn about the important and interesting relationship between adequate sleep and how a student performs academically. Despite protests from parents and teachers, many students adopt and embrace habits of insomnia during their essential school years. I wonder if there is a relationship between amount of sleep and reaction time.

Plan: To find out the relationship between amount of sleep and reaction time, if there is one, I. Exploring the Relationship between Sleep Habits and Weight Status and Activity Patterns Tim S.

Olds, PhD, 1, 2 Carol A. Maher, PhD, 1, 2 and Lisa Matricciani, BA 2 1 Health and Use of Time (HUT) Group, Sansom Institute for Health Research, University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia. THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SLEEP LENGTH AND GRADE-POINT AVERAGE AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS WILLIAM E.

KFLLY University of Nevada at Las Vegas KATHRYN E.

The Relationship between amount of sleep and reaction time

While scientists agree that good sleep is essential to overall health, they have not yet determined lack of sleep to officially cause cancer. However, a significant amount of research does suggest a link between lack of sleep and an increased risk for various cancers.

The relationship between amount of sleep
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The Relationship between Sleep Duration and Body Mass Index Depends on Age