Google inc 2010 the future of the internet search engine

Imagine for a second I am out, and a certain song comes on: This causes the companies to increase the prices of their products and getting more cash out of it. The lack of income diversification is considered as a weakness. The future is about understanding user behavior online and offline.

The results could be impacted by the calorie limit you set. Globalization of information has a negative impact on societies concerned about protecting their private data.

The company moved into public education, starting in Oregon with Google Apps for Education. Waze does use predictive technology to some extent with ads they show when you stop, but there is still room for a significant amount of personalization to occur. There are two processes that help the organization in evaluating their position in the market.

InGoogle Docs was introduced. And if we are specifically reading fewer books, is that because of the internet or because of video games and TV. Staff authors are listed here. But this contextual understanding can span far beyond apps. At the moment, Google is surviving, but the human race is ever changing and if people are accepting the privacy violation now, they might not in the future.


Knowledge and information is a key factor of human development. They surveyed hundreds of technology experts, who not unsurprisingly, had varied opinions about what the future might hold.

Although the world is not perfect, Google has more strengths and opportunities than threats and weaknesses. It needs to incorporate other parts of our daily activities for it to truly work.

In UK, the rate average is set to about 8. They are highly engaged in social media, playing games, and communicating. In addition, Google has eliminated competition by gaining the trust of Microsoft.

Krause Fund Research, [Online]. Organization Development Journal, Vol. Google always strive to keep up with the social trends and lifestyle changes of its users in order to entertain and capture their attention with its services and tools while promoting customized advertisement.

Moreover, intelligent employees are rare in the market and losing one to the competition could affect Google negatively. Hence, there is a rivalry between these three players. Threats The high intensity of competition from Yahoo, Microsoft as well as traditional advertisement agencies like TV, radio and newspapers is considered as a threat to Google.

In addition, Google is bringing to their users all their demands and for free. However, Microsoft and Apple could change their operating systems so that it does not support Google anymore leading to Google tools not working properly and causing a threat of forward integration. In addition, Google could face the threat of being out casted by countries due to privacy issues.

The result is more profits for Google from these countries. Yahoo and Microsoft are the only other major players and market shareholders.

The pie chart below shows the market share as of July Please ensure that the student numbers from all group members are recorded accurately.


PEST analysis is used to determine the political, economical, social and technological factors in an external environment of an organization. They are increasing annually at the average rate of 3. The Future Of Search Engines Is Context Columnist Aaron Friedman discusses a mobile search future based on context and the Internet of Things (IoT).

On Google and the use of search engines The survey asked about Nicholas Carr’s assertion that Google makes us stupid. 76% of those asked disagree and think that the internet is enhancing our.

Review Case 13, Google’s Strategy in Google was the leading Internet search firm inwith nearly 67 percent market share in search from home and work computers and 95 percent of searches performed from mobile devices.

Google Inc: () The Future of the Internet Search Ingine Company background Name Industries served Geographic areas served Headquarters Current CEO Revenue Net income Employees Google Inc. Internet Worldwide U.S.

The Future Of The Internet: Search Looks Bright

Eric Schmidt and Larry Page $ billion () $ 7,9 billion () 20, () Apple Inc., Facebook Inc., 5/5(10).

Google concentrates its resources in its search engine, operating systems, advertising, and enterprise. By sorting through its index of websites, Google selects the sources most relevant to its users, creating a search engine that is.

The Future Of Search Engines Is Context

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Google inc 2010 the future of the internet search engine
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