An analysis of the macons logo on the accidental tourist books

Though she was at first attracted to Macon because he was a rock, she is revolted by his coldness, aloofness, and seeming lack of reaction, wondering whether he is emotionally paralyzed, somehow incapable of feeling. He starts wearing nothing but sweat suits. Macon tries to call Sarah, but she is not home.

What is the significance of the title. The need for love and attention, loneliness, adherence to ritual and a fundamental dislike of change, competition, are just a few of the emotions that Macon feels and that the dog externally projects through its behavior.

Macon and Muriel soon become lovers, and Macon moves in with Muriel. Macon is a reluctant travel writer, author of a series of guidebooks called The Accidental Tourist catering to businessmen and others forced into foreign locales when they'd prefer the comforts of home.

Macon was caught off guard; the boy was hardly more than a child. In his relationship with her, Macon was free to stray away from the persona he was locked in during his relationship with Sarah.

But the fact was, she was his best friend. While it may be too soon to tell whether or not he actually is in love with Muriel, Macon knows that she brings out the best in him and encourages him to be the best man he can be. When Sarah leaves him, Macon reorders his life. His wife sports a suntan.

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Macon advises him to ask Rose to put his office in order. Muriel just walked on, humming "Great Speckled Bird" as if nothing particular had happened. Transformation yields both positive and negative effects. Even as simple a thing as a trip to the hardware store might result in their getting lost for hours.

Ridiculous, when you thought about it: Macon makes a living writing travel books, primarily for businesspeople who, like Macon, hate to travel. He cooks coffee and eggs and pops popcorn in his bedroom for breakfast.

The two of them had been through things that no one else in the world knew of. Aug 11,  · Love is in the air--or maybe anxiously repressed--in February and my romantic literature jag concludes with The Accidental Tourist, the novel by Anne Tyler and winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction that year.

Like all of my reads in the shortest month of the year, this was my introduction to the author and I found much of Tyler's story to be an absolute delight/5.

The Accidental Tourist Analysis

For this essay on “The Accidental Tourist" by Anne Tyler, examine the parallels between Edward and Macon and remark on how, by using a dog to project outwardly the many awful feelings of Macon, the universality of some of the major themes in the “The Accidental Tourist" are made even more apparent.

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The Accidental Tourist

Macon Leary learns to cope with the murder of his twelve-year-old son and separation from his wife in Anne Tyler’s The Accidental Tourist. With the assistance of Muriel, a flamboyant young dog. The logo on the front of all Macon's travel guides is a picture of a winged armchair and Macon's wife Sarah believed that this was not only the logo for The Accidental Tourist books, but for Macon himself.

Anne Tyler’s The Accidental Tourist is a novel about pain, isolation, and the rebirth of the human spirit.

The Accidental Tourist Summary

Each character in Tyler’s novel has been broken by the world, especially Macon Leary.

An analysis of the macons logo on the accidental tourist books
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