A history of the creation of boko haram a terrorist group in nigeria

In recent years, however, Islam has been subjected to radicalization. And the troops come marching in … However, as with any military intervention or presence, the West needs a justification that can be sold to its own people, through the mainstream media narrative, under the banner of spreading democracy and freedom — as was most recently displayed in Ukraine and Syria.

A video later emerged of alleged security forces ordering people they suspected of being Boko Haram members to lie on the ground before shooting them dead. The researcher Adam Higazi maintains that the errors in the text, including misidentifying the number of quoted suras, are not the kind of mistakes that can be attributed to the fact that Yusuf was writing in a second language.

We are being persecuted. In a violent campaign that stretched some five days they attacked police stations and engaged in gun battles before the military brutally cracked down.

Discussion of the Literature As a relatively new phenomenon, Boko Haram has not yet enjoyed the sort of analysis that other insurgencies, social movements, and terrorist groups have. Boko Haram is considered a threat to not only Nigeria but also the entire world. Our journalism takes time, money and effort to deliver.

Since being founded in Maiduguri, Nigeria inBoko Haram has reportedly claimed responsiblity for the deaths of approximately 20, people, and an additional estimated displacement of almost 2 and a half million Nigerian citizens.

Combined with an influx of weapons, increased human capital among the insurgents, and a change of leadership, this period was one of urban guerrilla warfare, with the insurgency moving fluidly between tactics including bombing and gunmen raids.

Membership Boko Haram is based in Africa, and can be found centered in Nigeria, as well as in such neighboring countries as ChadNigerBeninand Cameroon to a lesser extent.

Yusuf was such a powerful force within the radical organization that he served as its spiritual and military leader alike.

His radicalism is well documented and feared by residents across the Northeast; in a statement following a brutal attack on Kano, Shekau stated: Nigerian security forces believed that Shekau had also been killed in the raid, though it appears that he was merely shot in the leg and subsequently recovered from his injuries.

What about those killed among your followers. The history and subsequent rise of Boko Haram may be distinguished into three separate, yet overlapping phases.

A literature review for such a new phenomenon must then provide tools for assessing the analysis to come rather than just detail existing accounts.

Their accounts provide valuable insight into the functioning of the sect, which seemed less interested in attracting voluntary recruits in this period. This was a particularly significant development considering the increased importance of religiopolitical patronage networks.

The overarching recruitment tactics and operational characteristics of Boko Haram do not seem to have been affected by the declaration of allegiance. Attacks gradually grew more deadly and sophisticated, particularly with the use of explosives.

Boko Haram: How a Militant Islamist Group Emerged in Nigeria

The group will continue to attack softer targets in the northeast rather than international targets inside or outside Nigeria. Inthen-Commander of the U. At Nigeria's year anniversary, constitutional lawyer Fred Agbaje suggested that the amalgamation by the British was a self-serving alliance.

Nobody is persecuting us like this government. They had been followers of a young, charismatic preacher named Mohammed Yusuf. They stayed on their own. What characteristics, both exogenous and endogenous to the group, make Boko Haram a uniquely destructive phenomenon in the region.

At least 50 schools have either been burned or seriously damaged and more than 60 others have been forced to close. Muslim conflict, it can be seen that the intra-religious dispute adherents of Islam played a key role in Boko Haram's creation.

The authorities, the law enforcement agents are the same people fighting me.

FACTSHEET: Explaining Nigeria’s Boko Haram & its violent insurgency

This was mainly performed by the police, who relied on informants—usually the ward head maiangwa within each neighbourhood—whom the Borno State governor and security forces ordered to point out the houses where Yusufiyya members were residing. There have been indications that Boko Haram and AQIM have cooperated in more recent years, possibly involving arms procurement and training.

After decades of vacillating between periods of military rule and democracy, punctuated by coups, the Nigerian Fourth Republic began as General Abdusalami Abubakar peacefully handed over power to Olusegun Obasanjo after democratic elections.

Police claimed he tried to escape when they killed him, but witnesses said he was executed. The terrorist group Boko Haram, or the self-described People of the Tradition of the Prophet (SAW) for Preaching and Striving, continues to terrorise Nigeria, with horrible consequences.

Boko Haram: History and Context Summary and Keywords Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad, better known as “Boko Haram,” is the most violent phenomenon of the Nigerian Fourth Republic. Trends of Boko Haram’s Violence Boko Haram has been sophisticated in launching its violent attacks, and was responsible for terrorist attacks, with fatalities, wounded victims and hostages captured in Nigeria.

Looking back at Boko Haram's history, which is marred by Muslim vs. Muslim conflict, it can be seen that the intra-religious dispute adherents of Islam played a key role in Boko Haram's creation. May 02,  · From Nigeria’s Boko Haram, to the transnational terrorist organizations of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, the theology of Islam has been severely distorted.

The genesis of Islamic radicalization is complicated, however, many scholars agree that Islamic radicalization occurred as. Boko Haram: The jihadist group in northeastern Nigeria catapulted to the world’s attention when a boarding school in the Nigerian border town of Chibok was raided in the middle of the night.

A history of the creation of boko haram a terrorist group in nigeria
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FACTSHEET: Explaining Nigeria’s Boko Haram & its violent insurgency